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The 8-bit Zine is a blog about retro computers, vintage games, demoscene and digital art of the bygone era. It was born of the need to share passion. For me, it is a place where I gather information about my favourite computers, consoles, games, demos and all creativity related to 8 and 16-bit computers. I make every effort to prepare good texts, but if you see that the information is incorrect or incomplete, let’s discuss it in the comments. If you would like to publish an article on this blog, or would like me to write something for you - please contact me.

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I use a nickname, Distortiongain. I grew up at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, behind the Iron Curtain. Unfortunately, I have never been creatively associated with the demoscene, I was rather an observer. I studied musicology and cultural anthropology, within these fields I undertook the analysis of the demoscene as a cultural and artistic phenomenon. Professionally, I was also a programmer and graphic designer, I wrote music theatre performances, small computer games and various art projects.